Anniversary Session

It’s always a pleasure to photograph this couple!  They are so playful and fun.  This year we went to the beach at sunset to capture their anniversary photos.  We call it the year of silhouettes 🙂


citrus county childrens photographer_0594citrus county childrens photographer_0603 citrus county childrens photographer_0604  citrus county childrens photographer_0601 citrus county childrens photographer_0600 citrus county childrens photographer_0599  citrus county childrens photographer_0597citrus county childrens photographer_0598 citrus county childrens photographer_0596

Spring Family Session

Can’t you just feel the love here???  I love this family to the moon and back!  I’ve been photographing this little girl since she was born <3 This session got a special video to go with it! I’m still learning video techniques but I love adding them to sessions.

citrus county childrens photographer_0619 citrus county childrens photographer_0620 citrus county childrens photographer_0621 citrus county childrens photographer_0622


Family Christmas Session

Wow, what a location we found for this family holiday session!  How gorgeous are they???

citrus county childrens photographer_0612citrus county childrens photographer_0610    citrus county childrens photographer_0609citrus county childrens photographer_0613citrus county childrens photographer_0614citrus county childrens photographer_0575

MacCurdy Family – Christmas Session

Oh how I love this family!  We had a good time with this Christmas shoot!  We decked out their truck and their daughter loved it!













citrus-county-childrens-photographer_0554  citrus-county-childrens-photographer_0553



Anniversary Shoot

This cute couple are celebrating one year of marriage today!  I had so much fun shooting them this weekend!  You can just feel the love between them!  They fit together like puzzle pieces.  They aren’t afraid to be silly either.  We also went to my favorite location, it’s so versatile!  There is greenery, trains, pretty buildings and rusty ones!


citrus county childrens photographer_0407 citrus county childrens photographer_0408 citrus county childrens photographer_0409 citrus county childrens photographer_0410 citrus county childrens photographer_0411 citrus county childrens photographer_0412 citrus county childrens photographer_0413 citrus county childrens photographer_0414citrus county childrens photographer_0406