Anniversary Shoot

This cute couple are celebrating one year of marriage today!  I had so much fun shooting them this weekend!  You can just feel the love between them!  They fit together like puzzle pieces.  They aren’t afraid to be silly either.  We also went to my favorite location, it’s so versatile!  There is greenery, trains, pretty buildings and rusty ones!


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Why Custom Photography?


Custom photography is not for everyone. I believe that it is a luxury item that not everyone can or wants to afford. However, if you are willing to splurge for customized memories that will last a life time, I’m willing to bet that you wont regret it. It’s like that nice sized flat screen HD TV you save up for. Will a smaller 720p serve its purpose? Sure, you can still watch all your shows on it but the HD’s quality is pretty impeccable! Here are a few points to help you choose what is right for you.

Just for you

Have you ever been to a big chain portrait studio? You go in, get a couple poses and you’re done? I have and it feels quite quick and impersonal. From my experience you get to choose one pose and get a bunch of prints of that one pose and I had no idea what to do with them all. Custom photography is just that, custom. Custom to your needs, your location of choice and the feeling you want your portraits to portray. Want to have a family session at your barn with your horse? Let’s do it! Want to have a session with your toddler taking an old fashion bubble bath in galvanized tub in the middle of a field? Sounds amazing! Want to have a family session and get colorful by having a paint party at the end?? I do! I would love any of those ideas and more. Try taking your horse or a huge canvas and lots of paint into a big chain portrait studio. I’m not so sure they would be game.


With custom photography you get at least an hour in front of the camera. You will have an experience and build lifelong memories. You will get a customized set of images designed to be printed together as a gorgeous coffee table book or as a wall art gallery that you can look at every day. You will enjoy these photos and cherish the memories for years to come.


With custom photography, it’s all about time. You are paying for our talent, time, and experience. Taking great custom images requires a lot of time, planning, preparing, acquiring props, setting up, driving to location, shooting the session, uploading images, culling the 100′s of images, and choosing the best, hand editing each of the chosen (usually 30-40), preparing for delivery of images, and actually delivering them.


You get the photographer’s full attention to every detail. From our first contact until the delivery of your images, we will stay connected and discuss every detail possible to make this the best experience possible. We will decide locations, props, ideas or any concerns you may have. Need help with clothing ideas and what looks good together? I’m just an email away from answering any questions you may have.

These are some things to think about when deciding where or with whom to get your portraits taken. To me, custom photography is worth every extra penny over the mass chain portrait studios. We pour our heart and soul into every transaction and not just shuffle you in and out the door.